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Turn Your Awesome Into Action

(My daughter, age 6, actively being awesome..)

“Awesome: Wonderful, impressive, & sometimes scary...”

We all have it in us; our own awesome.

My daughter Caleigh, now ten, has the ability to make the solemnest person smile, shoot milk out their nose.. hell, spray their morning coffee across the room from erupting in laughter like you see only on sitcoms. Her awesomeness doesn’t end there, of course. She is awesomely kind, quirky, and uniquely Caleigh. I know that she will continue to act on her awesome and one day turn it into true purpose.

My husband, Scott, is actually one of the most awesome people I know, so much so that I often want to punch his face just to see if it bounces right back to awesome perfection. A jack-of-all-trades, he is not only good at his career in finance, being among the most honest and trustworthy self employed investment advisors out there, but he generally excels at just about everything he tries. It is clear that he has turned his awesome into action time and time again, from using his writing skills to create hilariously effective business articles to taking his natural born comedic skills & making me simultaneously snort, fart, and pee my pants from laughter on my crankiest of days. Dude makes a mean smoothie, can out-handy many hand-men I know, and then write a beautiful poem about his Adventures in AwesomeTown. 🌟

(Scott and I being awesomely silly several months ago, when it became very clear how quickly I was healing 🙏🏼)

”A wise person once told me I was afraid not of failure, but of success.

I had recognized my own awesome, but looking back, I had always been afraid to use it. A wise person once told me I was afraid not of failure, but of success.

Many if not most of us learned over the years to stifle our awesome and to dim our natural light. What I now understand is that the world needs our light and so I no longer tuck myself neatly into the darkest corner, afraid to shine, but turn towards the light and let myself illuminate the room, me and my light. I don’t look around the room comparing my brightness to others, but bask in the glow of everyone’s unique light, which combined shines so brightly that it‘s impossible not to feel energized by the unifying Oneness.

It reminds me of the power of prayer and the studies that were done on cities whose people prayed simultaneously for peace and crime reduction and sure enough, their prayers were answered. Let’s join hands and shine bright.

🙏🏼 🙌🏼💫

” stifling our awesome, we do no one any favors... turn your awesome into action.”

The world needs yours, too, and I believe that by stifling our awesome, we do no one any favors. Be an inspiration and turn your passion into purpose as Tony Robbins would say, and your awesome into action.

I like to think of my singing talent as pretty awesome, though these days its action is limited to serenading the soap in the shower, and any lucky passerby, namely my husband, daughter, or puppies, who I swear give me standing ovations in their own tail wagging way. 🤷‍♀️🎶

Speaking of puppies, our 8 month old lab terrier mix, Carrie Waffles Jr Esquire, is one helluva jumper, among the most agile dogs I’ve ever known and certainly the quickest. She often acts on this awesome by running circles around her baby sis, Bailey Burger MD, whose cuteness level outshines her frustration factor. Neither pooch has yet lived up to their awesome lawyering and doctoring names, but I’m hopeful that it’s only a matter of time. 😬

What I now realize that I’ve been using all along is my awesome inner strength. It kept me alive and fighting for my life, helping me to survive trauma, an often turmoiled childhood and adolescence, and severe chronic illness. I now use it to continue actively healing both, while I taper off of three more medications which I feel are no longer necessary.

(Me, summer of 2017, as I unknowingly prepared for the battle of my life: healing trauma)

It has only been a week since my first thyroid medication taper, and the hair loss, increased fatigue, body aches and brain fog I’m experiencing will not deter me from realizing that I have healed the root cause for needing these medications in the first place by healing trauma, relieving my body of its near constant fight-or-flight (adrenaline, adrenal-sapping) state, leaving room for my organs and glands to safely kick back in lieu of the external supplemental support.

“...I know now that being strong doesn’t always mean going it alone, refusing help, or shoving down my true feelings...”

I recognize that I also carry a different sort of strength, one which allows me to know when to say when and to slow down.. Also, when to ask for help, for I know now that being strong doesn’t always mean going it alone, refusing help, or shoving down my true feelings, but quite the contrary; by accepting help, saying what’s on my mind and reaching out when needed, I’m getting myself fully well and going on to help others. To me, that is strength, and it is in all of us. Are you willing to tap into it?

I’m reminded of the scarier side of my awesome as I slam down my phone after a frustrating text battle with a family member. It comes at a perfect time because I now know I have the choice to either let my frustrations feed my irrational guilt and trigger all those old false core beliefs which stopped serving me years ago, OR to use my anger in other ways, transforming the powerful negative energy into purpose. Today, in all my awesome anger, I choose purpose, and so I implore you to do the same and turn all of your God given awesome into positive action. What form will it take? 🙏🏼❤️🙏🏼

(Me, a few months ago, turning my angry awesome into ass kicking healing action🙌🏼 💪🏼)

** Thank you as always for coming along on my healing journey, mind, body, & spirit. Sharing with you has only increased my overall healing success and for that I’m so thankful. Be sure to like my FB page Meg Happens and subscribe to to receive notifications of blog posts, podcasts, tips & tricks!

In my next installments, I’ll be delving deeper into finding & acting on our true purpose, as I ask myself and hopefully answer some important questions about my future. Happy Hump Day and oh, Happy Healing! 🤗🙌🏼❤️

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