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Toxic Shame: Part Two (podcast)

Hi guys!

To be honest, sometimes these podcast shares feel a bit icky, but I don’t think it’s because I’m ‘oversharing..’ I truly feel my calling now is to shine light on these important issues and by sharing my own real life examples, I know it makes others feel less alone.

When I drop down into my heart and ask the Divine and my highest Self, the answer is clear that this is right and if it feels right, it’s True.

So I’ll continue to share the beautiful, bad & fugly until it’s clear to my heart that my message has been shared enough.

For today, I was feeling it in myself to point out that toxic shame is often not visible on the outside, but can still do some serious damage. Most people aren’t even aware of how deeply it is instilled in them or that they’re passing it onto future generations.

Here’s to Busting the Shame and speaking our truths!

Now I’m off to do something to ease the ick. 😘Healing ain’t always pretty, but so worth it! 🙌🏼

Click to listen:


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