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The Truth

The truth is, I’m meant to be a vessel of truth, & of healing.

I’m not meant to spew a bunch of bullcocky about how grand & perfect life & healing is... The cold hard truth is that it is HARD.

It is hard and unpleasant and ugly at times.

The truth is that when you least expect it, something seemingly tiny triggers you and leaves you reeling for hours or days.

The truth is that as much as I’ve healed, even I don’t have all my shi* together.

The truth is that even I get trapped in thoughts of abandonment and ‘not good enough’ and ’why the hell am I even here?’

...”Every trigger has its purpose...”

What I’ve learned, and I’m learning every single day, is that every thought, every moment, every trigger has its purpose. It is painful and it is heart wrenching, realizing that we still have a long way to go, when we’ve convinced ourselves that we are finally free.

I learn something new every day, and so far today I’ve learned that it isn‘t about our illusions of who is here for us or what will keep us sane, but our faith in God and whatever divinity we believe in. THAT is what we can count on.

I was a child when divinity first stepped in. I was about to end my life- had it all planned out and ready to go... but then something happened: strong invisible hands lifted me up and carried me away from what would have been my early earthly demise.

Decades later, after an admittedly hellish time staying alive and convincing myself of a purpose here, I’m healing. My physical health is better than I’d ever imagined it would or could be, and I am present.

The thing is, healing isn’t linear. There are bumps in the road and highs and lows and ‘what the hell am I even doing here(s)?’

When I then sit in stillness and wait for my answer, I’m always rewarded with heavenly encouragement: Today I’m hearing, “Just be.”

“...Be patient and know that we are working furiously behind the scenes to help you to achieve your goal.”

I’m always learning and once again I’m learning that faith is always on my side.

So no matter what you’re battling, past or present demons, you can simply be still, look above, and ask for help, knowing your prayers are being answered.

I believe. Do you? 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

***All my love today & every day. Please reach out to me or anyone you trust if you need an ear. We all need a little reassurance sometimes, and God grants us earthly angels for the job! Happy healing. You’re gonna be okay 😌🙏🏼❤️

***If you haven’t, check out the healing resources listed on my home page here on So much great info out there to guide us towards our best lives. xo

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