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The Carnivore Experiment Podcast

I’ve tried a lot of ‘diets’ over the years. Some were less healthy than others and in hindsight, some were to have control when I felt out of control.

Now, I eat to achieve great health only. Cravings are an obstacle. Could eating Carnivore be a good temporary solution? Does meat in fact, heal, as I’ve been hearing? I’m about to find out! Look for part two coming soon.....

(PS: as always, I’m sharing my own experiences and what works for me... I’m still learning, always learning.. it’s important to listen to your own body ❤️.. My ultimate goal: Food is fuel; Eat to live, don’t live to eat. 🙏🏼)

So I recorded this podcast. Before you listen, I’ll answer some commonly asked questions I didn’t touch on in this podcast:

1) How much meat to eat?

- Eat when hungry, stop when full. For me about 2-3 pounds a day.

2) What kind is best?

- All meat works. Beef, fish, pork, fatty parts of chicken, anything that walked, swam, flew. Yep 🤷‍♀️. Preferably grass-fed, organic, wild caught.

Many people eat eggs and raw dairy as well. Grass fed butter or ghee, olive oil are ok for most.

3) Isn’t meat acidic?

-Yes it is, but it’s being proven that for some, the benefits to going Carnivore are worth the acidity. I’m willing to find out if I’m one of them . For now at least.

4) Expense?

- Much cheaper than you’d think. I save a lot eating meat only.

5) What to drink?

- Black coffee or bulletproof coffee, herbal teas, bone broth, lots of water.

Is it safe? What about nutrients/vitamin C and stuff from plants only?

-I’ve seen many doctors share their thoughts and own experience with going Carnivore and they claim yes, it is safe, and no, you need far less vitamin C while eating only animal products. Liver and other organ meats have Vitamin C. Yummy yummy! 😬

They say ‘meat heals.’ Lord knows I don’t believe everything I hear, especially from doctors. 🤷‍♀️ But alas, some of them make some sense.

High cholesterol does not mean future stroke/heart attack and actually, I had very high cholesterol as a VEGETARIAN, but that’s me.

There are many more important risk factors to future heart disease.

I don’t know for sure how much is meat being so healing versus the obvious elimination of possible food sensitivities by avoiding all plant foods, but I know I personally feel better, clearer headed and more energetic once the carb withdrawals cease.

I have an open mind and am more than willing to share my personal findings and admit when I’ve erred in judgment.

Many docs still say to eat lots of oats for heart health or diabetes, for example, when it is clear to most by now that this will convert to sugar, spike insulin and lead to weight gain, inflammation and worse.

It’s time to listen, weigh the pros and cons and do what works best for YOU.

Happy Healing! 🙏🏼❤️🙏🏼

Click on the link below to hear my podcast.

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