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Stop Being A Victim Today!!

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

Did you know that dis-ease often stems from our emotions?

Did you know that 95% of our emotions and beliefs are subconscious, which means that we only have conscious control over 5%, and therefore 95% of our emotions, beliefs and thoughts are beyond our conscious control?

My hope is that by the end of this article, you’ll understand why, and more importantly, how you can help yourself to shift those subconscious beliefs no longer serving you, get out of victim mode, and take charge of your own life & health so that you can be in a state of peace and acceptance while avoiding the onset of illness and even reverse an existing illness.

From the ages of 0 (in utero) to 7 years, all of the beliefs we create are subconscious, because our developing brains are only capable of forming beliefs based on our experiences, and they don’t always paint a clear picture of what’s really going on… (holy shite, that’s a lot of beliefs!) 😱

When a parent tells a small child “you can’t have that toy because you were bad and don’t deserve it,’ the child usually only hears and internalizes, “I am undeserving.”

This doesn’t mean the parent did anything ‘wrong,’ only that the child picked up on a message of unworthiness, and this will be stored in their subconscious mind for life, unless they choose to re-write the program in adulthood.

Depending on your experiences from ages 0-7, you likely have a set of beliefs that you made up based on your experiences and interactions with others.

Were you bullied on the playground or abused by a parent or the victim of a crime?

Were you part of a large family where your needs simply weren’t able to be met?

It can be any number of things and the fact is, most of us had many trials growing up and things that created our subconscious beliefs.

Until we re-write the script, re-wire our brains, re-write the programming- however you want to word it- these stories will continue to play on a loop and our thoughts and actions will act accordingly, and so will our bodies.

Did you know that long held guilt creates chronic pain in the body?

Fear can lead to ulcers, hair loss, painful feet and colon problems, among others? (It’s no wonder I was bald & bloated like the Lyme infested tick I found feasting on my right butt cheek in ‘07.) 😂

Repressed anger can lead to liver/gallbladder impairment causing red face and eyes, migraines, and high blood pressure.

Long harbored resentment eats away at the body and can become the dis-ease we call cancer, while long held criticism can create arthritis.

These are just a few examples of what can happen when we hold onto old wounds, emotions, blame & resentments.

For me, early childhood trauma led to an imbalance in my body and I became perpetually stressed and unable to fend off infections. Over my lifetime I developed shingles as a small child, chronic Lyme disease, mold and metal toxicity, Candida overgrowth, hypertension, migraines, insomnia, hair loss, pain and unrelenting endocrine dysfunction leading to dementia at times.

I was living in hell and no medication or treatment worked because I wasn’t in a state of healing, but in constant fight-or-flight because my nervous system became stuck in high gear early on and therefore I was perpetually stressed.

(Does this towel make me look fat? ) 🤣

Once I finally realized that the missing link was unhealed trauma, anger, fear, shame, guilt and resentment I was harboring in my body, I took action to heal it.

It can look different for different people, and for me, it looked like inner child work to tap into my early childhood I’d long repressed out of fear. Somatic experiencing therapy studied and applied at home helped me to complete the trauma cycle in order to release so many traumatic memories and energies that had been stored in my body for decades.

Please check out my resources page here on Meg Happens home page to see what books, articles and videos helped me the most.

I started sleeping after removing toxic people from my life. This isn’t to say that I haven’t been toxic to others. I believe we all are to some extent and I did what I had to in order to heal for me, with my ‘why’ as my daughter, to keep me going and accountable. (Thank God for that awesome kid)

I practiced Dr Bruce Lipton’s advice and re-trained my brain by telling myself a new story more in alignment with what I DID want.

When I caught myself thinking, “I’m so sick, I’ll never get well,” or any negative story no longer serving me, I’d immediately replace it with a better feeling thought which eventually led to better feeling choices in alignment with my goal of healing my mind and body. My habits became healthier and my trillions of cells were hearing me. (If only I can get them to follow me on Instagram. 🧐)

“I am perfectly healthy.”

Several years later and my hair has grown back thicker than ever, I’m mostly pain-free, my digestive system works effortlessly, I sleep okay most nights, my brain is sharper than ever and I am freer, more peaceful and joyful.

I’m no longer just surviving, but thriving and have freed up so much physical energy to go back to school and step more fully into my life’s purpose.

You can heal, too. You can prevent pain and illness.

You can release burdens of the past and start today by thinking better feeling thoughts.

I’m a firm believer based on experience that we must face and heal our past in order to move forward in good health.

As long as you want it, feel into and express it into the universe, it will come to you in the way meant for you.

This article is to make you aware that you are in charge of your own destiny. (Yasssss Queen!! 👏🏼👸🏼)

When we decide to love ourselves unconditionally, everything in life flows better, so let go of guilt and shame over past mistakes, for those were just lessons. You will ease the burden these negative emotions have on your body as mentioned above.

When we decide to release our past in order to co-create with God and the universe (whatever you choose to call it), we are choosing the path of least resistance which happens to be the best feeling path.

How do we do this?

Practice, practice, practice.

Retrain. Rewire. Re-program.

Say this aloud every time you feel resistance to letting go:

“I bless my past and celebrate the contribution and lessons that it gave me.”

It can feel hard to forgive the people who harmed us, but by holding onto resentment we are the ones who hurt.

We can stop being a victim today by forgiving our past and using it FOR us and the highest good, in the form of lessons learned and ways we can turn our pain into purpose in the present.

If you are ill, repeat this mantra often:

“I am willing to release the pattern within ME that is creating this experience or condition.”

When we acknowledge that we are the only ones in charge of our destiny and take full responsibility for our current situation, we rid ourselves of all that holds us back subconsciously.

For myself, raging and crying and grieving was a necessary step. Do it however you need to- honor your wounded inner children and then remind them that they deserve peace now. Validate them and then shower them with unconditional love.

Realize that you are the only one in charge of your vibration. If you are around low vibrational people, remove yourself.

If you are ingesting low vibrational foods or substances, remove them. (I’m talking to YOU who had that half box of wine last night… oh wait, that was me 😳).

Same goes for what you read and watch and believe.

You are what you think you are. You are who you spend your time with. You are your beliefs.

Shift your low vibrational thoughts, move your body. Get those toxins flowing out.

Next time you feel anxious or afraid, say,

” I trust the process of life to take care of me.”

What we focus on, grows. 🌻

Change the script today. First thing in the morning is best. Before you start your day, before letting worrisome or bitter thoughts about yesterday or assumptions about today creep in, do some deep breathing, and think of what IS going right. Send love ahead to your day and set a positive intention towards peace.

There is no shame in feeling stuck and needing to change, because we are spirits on very human adventures and we sometimes need a swift kick in the butt to remember that we are in charge of how we perceive our lives.

It helps to remember that we aren’t just our bodies. We are souls housed in these temporary bodies, and we have the power to re-write our story in this body in this lifetime.

We can remember that punishing ourselves in the present moment because someone hurt us in the past is unhelpful and unfair and we can choose peace for ourselves, one conscious thought and better feeling choice at a time.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to release these emotions. Start today.

You are not a victim but the narrator and co-creator of your own life from here on out!

Repeat after me now:

“I stand in a vibration that gives me clarity about my path. I bless my past and take only the lessons with me. I am in control of my own destiny. I choose to feel better now.”

And so it is! 💖

**Thanks for reading. Only a few months of school left until I’m a certified Health & Wellness coach! What better way to expand my wealth of knowledge on all things holistic healing than to be a student of IIN?! (Institute of Integrative Nutrition). It was no coincidence when I was guided to their website months ago as my soul begged to take action steps towards further use of my healing gifts! Thank you, IIN, for your dedication to prevention and reversing of disease and the best health & wellness of everyone your programs touch. 🤗💖🙏🏼

Stay tuned for my health coaching site, up this winter!

Subscribe here if you haven’t already and follow and like Meg Happens on Facebook and Instagram. Things are getting exciting! 😘**

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