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Spring Cleaning for Your Mind, Body & Soul.

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

As I sit here anticipating how I’ll begin my spring cleaning today by once again steam cleaning my daughter’s bedroom which our adorable new pups are slow to give up as their personal latrine, it reminds me of how perfect a time it is to do a bit of spring cleaning internally as well.

After a fun filled weekend where I chose to indulge in some potentially inflammatory foods and let my sweet tooth get the best of me, I fear not, for a simple ‘detox’ process will have me back on track in no time!

I’d like to share a handful of easy tricks that you, too, can incorporate into your post-party mode routine to get and keep you feeling great, inside & out!

First of all, NO worries if you overdid the food or beverage.. and I mean, really overdid it..

We are only human and food is fun!

Thing is, excess carbohydrates, processed foods, sugars and alcohol can leave us feeling a bit worse for wear and make Monday mornings feel a bit like we are sludging through quicksand with some sort of steel trap secured to our faces.

“Step One: Forgive yourself for potential overindulgence.”

So, Step One: Forgive yourself for potential overindulgence.

It’s done, it was fun, and why waste energy regretting it? Move on to positive action and make the most of it by choosing to turn it into a time for some internal cleansing. Soon your outsides will look and feel great, too!

Can’t follow all the steps below? Choose the ones which work for you and omit the ones which don’t; you can‘t go wrong when using any method to feel brighter and more energetic! Chances are, though, you’ll do a few and crave more cleansing. In your order, in your time. Ahhhhhhhhh...

Try celery juicing: It’s as simple as sipping the juice (only) of one bag of (preferably organic) celery and drinking on an empty stomach. Can’t go organic? No problem- just be sure to thoroughly wash it to remove any remaining pesticides.

16 ounces is ideal, but 8 will work, too!

No juicer? No problem! Go ahead and blend lone celery in a blender and simply strain the pulp which you can freeze and later add to smoothies! Why be wasteful?

After drinking, be sure to wait 15-30 minutes before eating to ensure this simple, magical healing remedy with its potent minerals and nutrients has time to work its magic on your digestive system.

I will post a link to more info on this worthwhile ritual below! For myself, it has helped with digestion, mood, mental clarity, energy levels, and more!

Give it a week or more to feel the full effects.

PS: Running short on time? Lemon squeezed in warm water is a great way to start the day, too!

“2) ...set your day’s intentions...”

2) Ahhhhh feeling refreshed after the celery juice and have a few minutes to wait before eating breakfast...

Now might be a good time to do your morning stretches and set your day’s intentions if you haven’t already:

What is it that you’d like to accomplish? How is it you’d like to feel? Be sure to really feel it in your body when you say these intentions/affirmations aloud so your body memorizes them and how you want to feel.

Some examples regarding health and cleansing/detoxifying: “I am perfectly healthy.”

“I cleanse and detoxify; out with the old and in with the new.” “I am open & ready to receive resources to heal my body.” “I choose to let go of what no longer serves me.” “I want to feel pure, refreshed, and vibrant.“

Make sure you feel it and mean it and you will become it, with a little practice! Remember, everything is energy: let’s buzz all aglow with happy, healing energy!

“Fu*k with your ego.”

3) Fu*k with your ego. 🤔

We all cling onto some old false beliefs we made up in childhood based on our experiences and how we were spoken to and treated. Eventually these beliefs, such as “I’m undeserving” or “I’m not good enough” become ingrained and become our unconscious inner voice, and can unconsciously lead us to make poor choices for our health and happiness..

The only way to change, is through change itself.

Change can feel scary to the insecure ego who has been clinging onto these false beliefs for so long. Change= unsafety where Sameness= safety, to the ego.

If we do the same things every single day in every single way, we are sending a message to all of our cells that all is well just the way it is. Set an intention to change by saying it aloud, “I want to change” and take baby steps to make it happen. You are safe- I promise!

If we want to see change, we must mix up our egos a bit. Bye bye, false beliefs! You will not be missed! (Sorry not sorry). 🤷‍♀️

It can be as simple changing your morning routine.. do a few jumping jacks as soon as you set foot out of bed and take a different route to work..

Run around your yard in your underroos and feel very safe doing it! Just watch out for nosy neighbors looking for an excuse to call the authorities. 😂

These small changes tell every cell in your body that it‘s time to take some great strides toward better health. Remain open and sources greater than you and within you will so very enthusiastically oblige.

Be the best you that you can be! Soon you will hardly recognize your new self.. yet you’ll like what you see all the more! 🙌🏼

“Remember to breathe and practice mindfulness.”

4) Remember to breathe and practice mindfulness.

So many of us are rush rush in stress mode as we go about our day, that we forget to take full, deep breaths.

Try right now to breathe fully into your belly and feel it rise into your upper chest, hold for five seconds, and slowly let it out through your nose or mouth.

Feel free to continue this cycle for as long as time allows; it is an easy and effective way to reset your nervous system/de-stress, telling your entire body you are safe.

Formal meditation with focus on breath is good, too! If you’re a newbie, try typing ‘guided meditation’ into YouTube and see what feels right for you.

Meanwhile, practicing noticing your breath throughout the day is a great start.

As far as mindfulness goes, practice makes perfect.

Our minds are often abuzz with useless, energy sapping chatter, but by practicing ‘being in the moment,’ we can begin to truly enjoy life’s little moments. We will come to realize one day that thoughts can not harm us- they are just thoughts, sensations are just sensations, and the little things are in fact, the big things.

As I sit outside on my not so comfy garden bench taking in the dewy mountain air and watching my puppies clumsily romp around the yard, I hear the birds serenading all its inhabitants in spring song, and am reminded again of my own freedom.

Right now, I feel and breathe it into my body, creating a muscle memory of peace, calm, and joy, which I can conjure back up anytime when in need of a peaceful reminder.

It took a bit of practice over the months, but now I’m able to quickly regain a sense of homeostasis.

Wherever we are and whatever our situation, a moment’s peace is never far away.

If you have to grab it in the restroom, do so, and make it count!

**If you know me and/or have read my prior posts, you know that I had some serious trauma healing to do in order to be able to ‘sit with my thoughts’ and begin true healing of body, mind & soul... If you are feeling extra antsy, living with an inexplicable shameful or guilty feeling, and are unable to sit with your own thoughts, consider taking the plunge and healing any unresolved trauma or emotional issues by seeking a qualified counselor and/or check out the resources I list below, which were most helpful during my own process.

I will be going into detail about healing trauma in a future post, but for now, hang on tight, try whichever tricks above you can, and KNOW that you can and will heal! A freedom you have never known is right around the corner 🤗.

“5) Get moving and get those toxins moving out!”

5) Get moving and get those toxins moving out!

Sometimes after overindulging and perhaps under-sleeping, the last thing we feel like doing is exercising! The good news is that it doesn’t have to involve a full-on gym workout. It can be as simple as a stroll around the block or a gentle rebounding session on a mini trampoline- this is great for getting those lymphs moving! Detox, baby! 🙌🏼

I find nature to be most healing, so for myself, a walk around the neighborhood or even a quick frisbee session with the pups is a great way to get energy flowing.

Sweating, peeing, & pooping are all necessary for saying bye bye to unwanted nasties... be sure to drink plenty of water, try a hot bath with or without Epsom/magnesium salts or sauna sesh, and keep those bowels moving!

Magnesium is something most of us lack enough of, so taking extra is not harmful and often does the trick for many to get the poop shoot unblocked, but don’t be afraid to try a coffee enema on occasion! I’ll post more about that later!

There are several medical conditions which can cause and contribute to chronic constipation, such as underactive thyroid, so be sure to consult with your physician if it is unrelenting, and always check with your doctor before embarking on a supplement regimen.

“6) Dry brushing, tongue scraping, oil pulling, and supplementation.”

6) Dry brushing, tongue scraping, oil pulling, and supplementation:

Our skin is our largest organ, so it makes sense that whatever we put on it will also be used accordingly! Be sure to treat your skin right and try a dry brush for detoxifying! I love mine I got on Amazon- just brush in firm and loving circular motions, up towards your heart, and know that you are clearing so much unwanted stuff from your system! Rinse or shower

and follow up with your favorite natural oil or lotion. A magnesium lotion is great and relaxing.

After I dry brush and am about to get in the shower, I scrape all the icky bacteria coating from my tongue and then swish with coconut oil for at least thirty seconds, often into my shower time... it makes singing in there even more interesting! 😂

’Oil pulling,’ as it’s referred to, is an excellent way to kill unwanted bacteria from your mouth.. make sure to spit it all out and rinse your mouth out right away!

For detoxing the liver, again, coffee enemas are great, but not everyone is down for putting coffee up there. 🤷‍♀️.

Vitamin C is a good, natural way to promote detoxification, as is dandelion root.

Lastly, laughter really is the best medicine! Do what brings you joy and laugh however and whenever possible. What we put out there, we get more of back to us. Live out loud, love & laugh more!

Not feeling funny after eating or drinking yourself into a toxic coma? No worries, force a chuckle and this will spark the chemical reaction in your body to get those feel good endorphins flowing; soon you won’t be able to stop laughing. ... depending on just how much tequila you indulged in, it might be a day or so! 😂 Just keep rehydrating and smiling. You’ll get there.

Again, there are so many ways to support your body during this process; I’m just sharing a few of the things that work for me!

We should always listen to our own bodies and do what works for our unique systems.

Periodic cleansing is universally good for everyone, though, and whatever method you choose, fluids are always good (of the non-sugary, non-alcoholic variety of course!)

Moving your body and moving toxins out is good, as well as maintaining a positive mental attitude.

It is normal to feel a bit worn out and to have a headache and possibly even a bit of nausea and body aches as our bodies adjust to the toxins moving out. This usually only lasts 1-3 days and means you’ll be feeling so much better than when you started in no time.

Be sure to listen to your body and rest as needed/able, and love yourself a lot! Self love & self care will take you there!

Happy ’spring cleaning!’ And as always, happy healing! 🙌🏼🙏🏼❤️🙏🏼

** I am absolutely loving sharing my experiences in healing body, mind, and spirit with you 🤗.

My goal is to reach as many people as possible who are embarking on a similar journey, so please do share my posts with whoever might find healing in them, and be sure to like my FB page Meg Happens and subscribe to for notification of future posts, videos, podcasts, tips & tricks!

Feel free to let me know if there is a specific topic you’d like me to elaborate on in future posts- I have so much to share and am an open book, committed to sharing all of me & my experiences, the good, the bad, & the fugly, in hopes to bring further healing to myself and others!

(A poem my daughter wrote around age 6... a reminder to tap into the simplicity of a child’s innocence, of laughter, and of love ❤️).

I will often repeat resources that I feel are appropriate and which were particularly helpful for me in my own healing journey.

On celery juicing:

How to Heal Yourself When No One Else Can: A Total Self-Healing Approach for Mind, Body, and Spirit

Trailers to incredible documentaries 🙏🏼

Emotional Intelligence 2.0:

Waking the Tiger: Healing Trauma

On Somatic Experiencing:

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