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Shame = MC^2

(A love note my daughter left me a few years back.

Looking back, I was doing my best to teach her to love herself while forgetting to do it for myself)

Hello, Meg here, with a little life math break. For those who don’t know me, I am the creator of It’s where I share my journey from being sick, addicted and trapped, to being physically well and high on life, truly grateful for each new day I get to be on this planet. Sound like something you need in your life? Like MegHappens on facebook and Instagram and join to learn about my journey and tips to free yourself from your prison of despair like I did. Your life is waiting! 🙌🏼

So, whether we understand it fully or not, we have all at least heard about the Formula E= MC^2. That smart guy Einstein thought it up and it just shows how Energy can be manifested in different ways. It can be like light from the sun, or it can be trapped in real things all around us like trees, cars, that yappy dog next door, or your grumpy coworker. We are all energy (says science - look it up), so what are you doing with your precious energy?

Shame is one way we spend energy and when we spend energy on Shame, we have to take that energy away from other parts of our lives.

This brings me to the shame equation:

Shame = MC^2

M, in this case, equals mindfulness and C equals creativity.

It takes exponentially more energy to shame yourself than it does to be mindful and creative. That energy you are wasting on shaming yourself and those around you could be sooooo powerful if you just redirected it toward mindfulness and creativity.

I lived a shame based lifestyle for 38 years. I hated myself, doubted myself, punished myself.... that whole time I was wasting my precious life energy and quite literally making myself sick.

You are probably doing this too.... some of you more than others..

It is possible to stop living a shame based lifestyle. Here are my 3 tips to get you started:

“1: Make the decision to change...”

1) Make the decision to change.

Sounds simple, right? Oh, it is! Right now, aloud or to yourself, say these four simple, life changing words:

I. Want. To. Change.

Feel into it as you say it. This energy in itself will spark the flame of intention and get the ball rolling..

“2: Remain open to another way: practice, practice, practice...”

Remain open to another way: practice, practice, practice.

This can be a bit trickier because if you’ve been allowing these self shaming conditioned thoughts to control your mind for decades like I was, your ego/false self who made up these limiting beliefs based on external experiences and conditioning will grasp tightly onto them, hesitant to relinquish control.

It took a long time for your mind to become so polluted. It likely feels natural and normal... it will naturally take some practice and commitment to undo these thoughts and replace them with uplifting, loving thoughts.

Every time you catch yourself being judgemental towards yourself or others, recognize you are losing power and precious energy and immediately redirect to a positive thought and/or action.

Believe me when I say it is a game changer and it does not have to take months or years. Stay committed and it will soon become your new inner voice; one of love, peace, and joy.

“3: Go easy on yourself...”

3) Go easy on yourself.

We might just be spirits living very human adventures, but we are in fact, human, and we feel pain and despair and we get grumpy. I like to ’blame’ hormones a lot... in fact, I’ve been doing this for the past few days as that fun time of the month rolls around. I’ve learned, though, how to transform these powerful energies to good, by letting my creativity flow through them.

Just this morning, I was becoming easily irritated and when I wanted to punch a face, instead I took a deep breath and broke out my note pad.

Write it out, walk it out, punch it out in your pillow, then carry on with your day until the next punchable face hole inspires your creativity... and repeat...

So what do you think? Could you be happier with less shame in your life? I know I am.

If you found this blog helpful, please like and share it on Facebook and join my community on using the form below. It is my goal to help as many people as I can to live beautiful, joyous lives. I really appreciate you helping me reach the people who need it most.


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