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Realities of a Trauma Survivor

Bear with me here, friends, as I swiped this one from my Meg Happens Facebook page to share here on my blog site and I was pretty ‘in it’ while writing the summary below and making them video. The whole point is to be real and share my journey, good, bad & fugly.

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The realities of a trauma survivor: The physical manifestations of hypertension and severe tachycardia, insomnia, and limbs having a mind of their own, etc, are as bad if not worse than the mental stuff ie: dissociation and racing brain to avoid feeling..

I guess my littles needed to be heard again, and we want you to know you’re not alone if you’re experiencing this. ❤️

Love you guys. So thankful for the love & support. Sending prayers right back. 🙏🏼

**edited to add that my blood pressure is currently 188/105. Pulse 163. I don’t want to begin to imagine what it must’ve been last night. There is damage to my eyes because of the dozens and dozens of episodes much worse than this in the past. Trauma can look like this or wear many other masks** I know this too shall pass; I’m just a bit worked up right now 🤣🤦🏼‍♀️

Click below to watch my video:

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