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Nature Saves the Day (again)

... and by day, I mean month.😬

I‘m not interested in going on and on about what a crap couple months it has been in many ways. I’ll cut to the chase and say that my hormones have been a bit of a mess since the early pregnancy losses, leading to insomnia, mood swings, bad cramps and all the usual fun I hadn’t missed and it just made dealing with any and all life stressors all that tougher. Hormones trigger tiredness, which triggers a lot of other icky stuff for this trauma warrior.

The primary problem was having construction going on and having strange men pulling up in white roof-racked vans and invading my safe haven inside and out for weeks and months on end.. it was even more triggering than I would have imagined, but I’m not gonna dwell on that here, dammit! 😂

Instead I’ll say that it taught me that I have a lot more work to do on Me: the only one I can change.

It highlighted again my complete inability to truly trust anyone and that my self preservation instincts kick right in when I feel threatened in any way, body, mind or spirit.

It made me aware of just how far I’ve come and also, how much more healing I have to do. And that’s okay. Set-backs happen and as long as we ride the wave and get back on track ASAP, it’s all just a normal part of healing.

This is where Nature comes in. Again. 🤗

If you read one of my earliest blog entries ‘A Healing Nature,’ you know just how helpful Mother Nature has been in my healing journey and she still doesn’t disappoint.

In order to get through the construction aggravation which I’m still a bit embarrassed to admit was that much of a nightmare for me, I turned to the one thing that has never let me down: Nature of course.

Onto the pretty pictures! 😬

Below are photos of some of my favorite Mother Nature moments from the last few months, most taking place within 30 miles of my home in NEPA, the exception being our magical beach adventure. (Also, my kid and her friend taking advantage of a rainy day in their own way. 🤗❤️)

The amazing Assateague Island where wild horses roam free- highly recommend!

Favorite parks and wildlife preserves, and my own back yard ❤️:

Carrie Waffles Jr Esq turned one last week 😊💗

Bailey Burger MD staying out of trouble for once 😉🐾💗

In Nature, I feel invigorated, refreshed, and like nothing can touch me.

In Nature, I can hear God’s whispers of Oneness and Love and the meaning of Life.

In Nature, I Am Home.

🐾 If you haven’t lately, try getting lost in the woods next time you‘re feeling low and let the healing happen! 🙌🏼🍂🌲🌟🌤 🐾

**Thanks for letting me share my love of Nature! Be sure to like Meg Happens on Facebook and subscribe to for more on my healing journey. Happy Healing!**

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