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My Kid

We all think our own kids are the most magnificent in all the land.. And we’re all right.

Here’s what is most fab about my kid, in a nutshell:

She kicked and screamed to evacuate my uterus early.. by second trimester she made it clear that she was ready to meet the real world and on her own terms.

Now she’s 11, and true to form, she does things in her way & in her time, on her terms.

It so happens that she does it with grace and in Caleigh style. Her intuition trumps that of most 60 year olds and her compassion is close behind.

Wit, intuition, humor, & understanding are only a few words I’d use to describe my kid.

She blows my mind on the daily with her insight on human nature and her ability to understand what most of us can’t. Aaaand ironically she hasn’t a clue how amazing she is. 🤯

I’m beyond proud of you, Caleigh-O, and can’t help but wonder if our next kid will just be a big ole disappointment next to you. 🤷‍♀️

Ahahaha I went there! Love you & forever thankful for you. Keep giving me hell. Someone has to do it! 😆🥰❤️🙏🏼😘

Love, mum xoxo

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