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Healing Trauma Podcast: Part One (Introduction: My story)

Hi, guys.

I’ve finally begun recording a podcast series on how my husband and I healed my trauma in order to regain my mental and physical health.

I’m no professional podcaster, so please excuse the minor technical difficulties! I had to stop recording several times as it was difficult to get through.

It can be a bit wordy and gets a bit emotional, but it’s a great start to sharing all we’ve learned about the importance of healing trauma in order to heal physically and to regain your life and sense of peace.

If you have any questions, comment here or on Meg Happens on Facebook or message me directly and I will try my best to answer them in upcoming podcasts.

(This introduction podcast ends a bit abruptly, but we’ll be back with my husband’s input in part two, coming soon. We have a lot of great material to cover!)

Thanks for listening. Happy Saturday and happy healing! 🙌🏼

Click the link below to listen:

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