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Healing Crisis: Rude Awakening Pt 2.

I’ve calmed down quite a bit since I recorded this brief podcast a bit ago: that’s how powerful using our passions and creative outlets can be! I just like to put it all out there as long as I’m doing it for the right reasons.

It seems I’m still having a bit of a healing Crisis and my tolerance for ignorant actions of others has reduced.

This makes me feel guilty that I can’t seem to fully accept people who my ’ego’ considers shallow and clueless. There are a lot of these people inhabiting this earth and my example is quite small, but illustrates my point none-the-less.

I genuinely do believe there is a lesson in everything and this one keeps showing up for me and it will until I heal it and my false belief that most people are ignorant and shallow.

This isn't fair when it’s me who has become so sensitive to others‘ feelings and I can’t expect the same from certain people just trying to live their lives in their own way. They are so entrenched in their own egos and how they were brought up, that naturally it’s going to be hard for them open their minds and their hearts... and to close their mouths or think before they open them 🤷‍♀️😂.

Some might say I’m reading into stuff too much, but I am an empath by nature and I do feel that it’s best to openly share even the little things in case someone reading or listening needs to hear it or feel less alone.

I can joke around with the best of them- I’m not ‘that’ hard to ‘insult,’ really! But I also know we have to sometimes limit it to people we are close to or who we know will be okay with it. I’m guilty of it all myself. All the more reason to bring attention to it.

I also believe it’s important for people to understand how much the simplest remark or action can either hurt or help. It‘s not something everyone thinks about, but it’s simple human kindness.

Choose kindness whenever possible and recognize when your own insecurities are driving your actions.

I think before healing myself, all my energy was going towards survival and I didn’t have an ounce left over to care in the least about seemingly petty stuff. Apparently the new me cares! And because I can’t live like a monk on top of a hill for the rest of my life, I’d better keep doing the work on myself.

It’s all a part of healing and I can only change myself and I want to live as joyfully as possible from here on out!

But you’d better believe I’ma be totally open during my learning process! 😘

Thanks for following my journey and I truly hope it helps you along your own way. Happy Healing! 🙌🏼

Click the link below to hear my brief podcast on the matter and always feel free to share if it strikes a chord. ❤️

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