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Fasting Benefits

I didn’t intend to post anymore videos to youtube in order to post here in addition to Facebook, but this one is important as fasting can help in so many areas of healing:

Intermittent & extended fasting: Think about how dogs, for example, will slink away and sleep, not eating for days when they’re injured. They lose their appetites and know innately that by not eating, they are speeding up the healing process.

**Magical things happen when we give our digestive systems a break and allow healing to happen in every area. Autophagy: cell recycling, Increased BDNF: fertilizer for the brain, stem cell production, increased Human Growth Hormone, anti-aging, reset dopamine receptor sites, decrease anxiety, lower cholesterol, shrink tumors and kill off any sickness.**

Fasting done properly does not decrease metabolism and might speed it up. It’s important to eat plenty of calories during your eating window to ensure this: healthy fats (avocados, olive oil, fatty fish), grass fed meats, eggs, nuts & seeds it not inflammatory for you, lots of leafy greens & nutrient dense foods.

Start slow if you’re new: 12 hours/day till you’re used to it and slowly increase. Eventually you might want to try a 24 hour fast here and there for maximum healing!

We were NOT designed to eat every few hours.. only in certain situations is that necessary, such as pregnancy & breast feeding. Obviously children & teens are not to fast, nor are those suffering from severe blood sugar instability/low blood sugar or those who are underweight!

I’ve recently gotten back into it after my horrendous choices over the bulk of the quarantine 😣. I’d forgotten how fab it makes me feel! 🥳

(PS: This one is a bit scattered, but I get my point across! 😬. Please do your own research to check out scientific studies. It’s legit stuff!

Forgive my poor on-the-spot math: I meant to say 8-4 😆... )

I’m happy to answer any questions you have on any topic. If I don’t know the answer personally, I can provide a link.

My favorite docs who speak a lot about this topic are Dr Jason Fung, Dr Mindy, & Dr Berg. Check them out on YouTube!

Happy Fasting! Have a beautiful day! ❤️

Click the link below to watch my video on fasting Benefits:

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