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Day 6: Skin Health

Skin health is important to me as a woman nearing forty trying to fully regain my overall health. I believe we should all be proud as we age because growing older brings with it wisdom that we didn’t have in our youth. We don’t sweat the small stuff as much. Still, I’d like to age gracefully, so I’ve taken to some habits to help this happen.

I left out several, which Dr Axe clears up in the article below. If you’re short on time, here is his list of top ten supplements for skin health!


Vitamin D

Fish Oil

Bone Broth


Vitamin A


Vitamin C


Vitamin E

I do take most supplements on his list, but find Vitamin C & Collagen to be most helpful for me. Bone broth is a fab source of collagen! I drink it almost daily as it helps to keep our guts healthy and so many other things!

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be the best versions of ourselves and have our outside match our insides!

My video below:

All my love. Happy weekend ❤️

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