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“Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at Change.” ~Wayne Dyer~

Yesterday on my Facebook page, I quoted Wayne Dyer (above in the title) and explained how our egos - the set of beliefs we made up based on our experiences over our lifetimes- determine how we view the world and our experiences. I highlighted the importance of healing or ‘un-learning’ those beliefs in order to be able to see clearly without our egos’ skewed perception.

I’d like to go a little more into this on this fine rainy Friday here, as I reflect more on how this practice has helped me begin to heal those beliefs and therefor really enjoy my life experience so much more:

“... healing any trauma is an obvious crucial first step..”

Firstly, it’s important to mention that healing any trauma is an obvious crucial first step to being able to see clearly, without lingering fears and false beliefs skewing our perception.

For example, before some hardcore trauma healing around my beliefs about men, sex and power, I was simply unable to trust any man or appreciate him for the truth of who he is; I always assumed there were alterior motives at play based on my early childhood experiences and concurrent ones. (I’ll talk about ‘trauma re-enactment’ another day.)

Even with my own supportive and adoring husband, I often felt unsafe and this kept my alcohol and others addictions going strong because I only felt ‘safe’ to let my guard down sexually when I was under the influence.

I could go on for days about this, but for now I’ll just say, heal those traumas! I will be creating a program for healing trauma in the near future and am so excited about it, but for now, follow the steps below in order to start changing the way you see things, so you can experience them joyfully! I like to give personal examples from my own life as I heal. It’s so exciting to share my progress with you! 🤗

“Fake it til you make it!!”

It can be tricky when bio-chemical or hormonal imbalances are at play because these can make it harder to ‘think positive..’ But the saying, ‘Fake it til you make it!’ holds a lot of validity, after all!

I was often in a sleep-deprived, nutrient-deprived, hormone- imbalanced (etc) haze while in the midst of early healing days and I found it so difficult to believe the things I tried to be grateful for. When you feel horrid, everything seems bleak. This is where it gets tricky, but trust me when I say that half the battle to getting re-balanced, with or without meds, diet and supplements, is positive self-talk. Do refer back to my blog post ’You Are What You Think You Are,’ for better reference!

Now that I’m further into my healing journey, my body and brain are much better balanced (and I sleep!), it’s much easier to believe my positive thoughts and feel into their power.

It’s really important to remember that a state of being can be so fleeting. Trauma survivors often feel ‘stuck’ in our emotions and when we perceive an experience to be bad, we can get stuck in those negative emotions. It’s important to let ourselves acknowledge it, feel it, and release it to heal it.

Don‘t worry if this feels impossible to do right away. Keep practicing and I guarantee you’ll soon start to flow in and out of emotions automatically, without having to think about it.

Once I became better at flowing or bending like a tree in the wind (which bends without breaking, its roots strong), noticing and tweaking my negative thoughts to positive eventually became a breeze!

“We’re re-wiring and re-training our brains to think positive!”

Really, we’re re-training or re-wiring our brains to think positive, which helps feel-good chemicals to follow suit and flow naturally! Yay!!! 🥳

My own real life examples over the last day or so:

Yesterday started out rocky in that I didn‘t sleep well the night before, didn’t have time for my morning coffee or self care routine, and lots of little things kept going wrong. We once again have construction going on at our house and the stress of that invasion alone had me in a huff.

Then halfway through the day I crashed hard and my mood tanked as well. The thing is, as uncomfortable as it was, I was able to realize and remember that it was just temporary and sooner than later I’d be feeling calm, cool, and energetic again.

I got home after picking my daughter up from school and scarfed my dinner down in an agitated rush, which led to a nasty gallbladder attack lasting hours in the middle of the night. 🤦🏼‍♀️

“In the past, this would have been the end-all, be-all...”

In the past this would have been the end-all, be-all and marked the rest of my week as a big ole FAIL. Instead of my thoughts going down the rabbit hole of negativity and inevitably ensuring I wake up miserable and choosing to skip my morning workout, I was able to snap out of it and get me arse to the gym! I felt like a million bucks halfway through my workout and was so proud I hadn’t let a few yucky experiences dictate my entire day or week.

Now I sit here at the park after being rained on during my post-workout walk, and I feel peaceful, calm and content. Yes, the cold rain washed out my walk, but I’m able now to immediately appreciate the silver lining as beads of water dance on my windshield and lull me into a quiet meditation. I likely wouldn’t have found the inspiration to write this post had it not started to rain and forced me into my car to reflect on my day and remember how darn well I’m doing these days! Maybe I’ll even see a real rainbow later! 😘 🌈

When I workout with my awesome trainer, who thoroughly kicks my butt, I light heartedly curse him and simultaneously thank God for my ability to have my arse whooped three times per week. (Thanks again, Jeremy 🙌🏼😆).

I knew in my heart I would heal, but I never imagined I’d end up training hard and healthier than ever before. 💪🏼🙏🏼

I still have my health issues, but I’ve found it’s SO important not to dwell on them. How we talk to ourselves and our bodies is about 90% of healing. Our bodies are so intelligent and miraculous; they want to heal and they know how to do it!

For example, I know that my gallbladder is acting up in order to tell me something. Aside from having more work to do on healing my beliefs around rage and fear, which are connected with that part of the body, my body simply needs a rest; my digestive system needs a break, so I’ll be fasting through at least tomorrow morning in order to let my amazing body heal what needs healing while my digestive system takes that much needed break. (Look for a blog post or podcast on the miraculous healing benefits of fasting soon!)

Our digestion takes up about 75% of our energy, so by giving it a wee rest here and there, we allow our cells to repair and do their thing! It’s truly amaze balls, and once you get the hang of it, fasting for 24 hours at a stretch becomes a breeze!

“Thank you, amazing body.”

As I return now to my car from the park porta-potty for at least the 6th time since I arrived a little over an hour ago, my mind again goes to, “at least your body is peeing out any toxins. Thank you, amazing body.” 🤷‍♀️

I’ve been loosely diagnosed with a kidney disorder and Diabetes Insipidus, or water diabetes, which used to plague my mind and my life. Yes, it’s a huge nuisance having to constantly pee gallons daily, but I can replace the depleted electrolytes through supplementation and avoid medications. And like I said, bye-bye toxins and thank you, body, for releasing them through my pee! 😬

Welp, this is getting wordy, but instead of beating myself up for it, I’ll say, ‘that’s just my unique writing style.’ 🤷‍♀️😂

** To recap on steps you can take to start to change your mind about how you see things:

1) Work on healing those traumas (and look for my trauma healing course, coming ASAP!)

2) Forgive yourself immediately for thinking negatively. You’re human.

3) Notice your thoughts. What story are you telling yourself and why are you thinking this way? Is it real or an ego-based, skewed reality? Can you think of it in a better light? Maybe there’s a lesson in this experience.. Try to catch every negative thought and shift it to a slightly better thought. Trust me, it makes all the difference.

4) Remember that everything is fleeting, including your emotions, and you’ll soon feel better. Just acknowledging this can be powerful.

“Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude!”

5) Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude!!! Remember that the vibes you put out are exactly what you’re going to get back. It’s okay to feel crummy, but remember that there are always ways to raise your energetic vibration, and gratitude is number one! All day long I find myself thanking God (or whoever you choose to thank) for my many blessings: the rain= free car wash! My two healthy legs for walking in the rain, my amazing husband for rubbing my sick self back to sleep last night.. I am one seriously lucky lady. For real! 🍀

Afternoons into evenings are the tough time of day for me as I generally crash by then most days, but as I heal, I notice more and more times of extended energy. I start each day off with an affirmation or intention for the day ahead and it helps to keep me making the best choices to help reach my goals. I know my angels are always with me, and I am safe and held, just like you! ☺️🙏🏼😇

“Go easy on yourself..“

Go easy on yourself and always remember that this too shall pass. Practice, practice, practice!

Wishing you a happy weekend and sending my current good vibes your way! Happy healing! 💫

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