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Brain Over Binge brief review (podcast)

Hi guys! Happy Sunday!

In this brief podcast ep, I explain how I just discovered Kathryn Hansen’s work on simplifying binge eating recovery by recognizing the difference between our higher brain and the more primitive part of our brain, the lower brain.. and how important it is to disconnect from worrying about any ‘deeper underlying cause’ and see binging for what it is, which is a primal urge that became habitual due to either restrictive eating or overeating. We have simply trained our brains to perpetuate this urge cycle and we just have to learn to undo this pattern.

They explain it well in their podcast series, ‘Brain over Binge,’ which I’m anxious to share with you as you can tell from my somewhat scattered podcast (which I refuse to do over because it gets my point across just fine! 😬 .. Plus, you’ve met me a time or two and know I prefer authenticity over perfection. 🤔).

I’m so excited to start incorporating their very simple but effective approaches. I’ve been hoping for a real ‘solution’ and after meditating on it this morning, it fell into my lap.

Thanks again, Universe! It feels good to be back in alignment after a bit of a healing setback lately. 😅

I hope you’ll check out Brain Over Binge for more info if you’re still struggling and/or interested in learning the easy science behind it and how to help anyone still struggling with it.

I know for me that I needed to hear that it doesn’t have to be so complex, is quite beatable and it will get much easier as I re-train my brain!

You know I’ll keep you posted! 😉 **squee!!** 🤗

Click below to listen to my brief overview:

Here is the link to their helpful podcast:

**Thanks for joining me and remember to subscribe to Meg Happens and like Meg Happens on Facebook to learn more along with me! Happy Healing! 🙌🏼❤️🙏🏼**

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