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Archangel Michael and EarthAngel Scott

Updated: May 29, 2019

(I took this photo on our flight to a biological medical center a couple years back 🙏🏼)

There was always a part of me that knew in my core that those who make their way into my life are meant to be here. Even those who seem to bring heartache and challenge.

I now understand that everyone I have and will come in contact with has been placed here to teach me a greater life lesson and to help me to heal in all areas. I’m now aware that the opposite is true and I’m placed in theirs for the same reason.

Even those who’ve harmed me in unimaginable ways have in fact taught me lessons about how not to act, how much stronger I am, how faith and love win out; about hurt and humanity and overcoming insurmountable odds, with sometimes a lot of help from my friends. I’ve come to understand our Oneness all the more.

Some touch our lives more than others and a handful top my own list of earth’s angels, namely my husband who I now affectionately refer to as ‘EarthAngel Scott.’ 😬😇

I could almost always feel Archangel Michael’s comforting presence over my shoulder and little did I know just how much guidance and protection I was receiving from my husband, Scott, as well.

It’s pretty amazing that after going through a few very mismatched mates prior to Scott, I managed to allow myself to fall for ‘one of the good ones,’ even with my history of abuse by insecure men of power. Typically a girl/woman with such a history falls for someone like her own father or father figure or someone who just plain treats her crappy.

Am I ever thankful I ignored my insecure ego which had been telling me stories of unworthiness and incompatibility. I have a strong hunch that it wasn’t completely my own doing, though. In fact, I’m sure that some more divine intervention was at play those twenty years ago, when a somewhat introverted, respectably responsible, family oriented hottie walked down the stairs to our shared college dormitory that fateful day. The first of many flirts and innocent exchanges which neither one of us took to heart, while both ignoring the obvious fact that no other potential partners were keeping our attention.

“He walked into my life and into my heart, accepting and loving me for me, while gently teaching me some of life’s greatest lessons.”

He walked into my life and into my heart, accepting and loving me for me, while gently teaching me some of life’s greatest lessons.

I haven’t always been an eager student. My unintentional stubborn pride has gotten in the way of receiving important messages more than once, but I now see that it has been sneaking its way in as needed and nestling safely in my subconscious to be stirred up and pulled out as needed.

For example, EarthAngel Scott was always sort of one step ahead of me as far as finding grace through meditation and understanding that all life lessons have a place. We can in fact let them use us, or we can choose to use them to our advantage, letting love lead the way to what is best for the highest good of All.

This was admittedly hard to see through the thick, crippling fog, fatigue and pain at times, but again, it had a handle on my heart and the heart wins out every time in the end. ❤️

Through my trauma healing in particular, EarthAngel Scott lived up to his now-name by providing me with an unending, unwavering belief in me and in my fundamental, infinite safety and ability to heal. When I was truly at rock-bottom, in severe flashback most of the day and much of the night and told by a professional that I’d need inpatient at a trauma center, still he remained steadfast in his belief that I am strong enough to do this sans outside help.

He had his own scary and uncertain times, but his faith in us always won out. We’d been through so much together and learned so very much; why would this be any different? I can achieve anything I put my mind to. Hell, I always, always have. I just have to want it and oh boy, did I want to feel whole and complete, safe and free... to be healed.

And so, endless faith and prayers, lots and lots of incredibly hard work and many months later, I sit here in awe, parked beneath the weeping willows as the gray skies above open up and pour down on earth, washing away what’s left of this morning’s impurities. I sit here with a peace I’ve never felt and an understanding of just how powerful our minds are, especially our One Mind combined. I realize just how important our angels are, those unseen to our eyes but loving energy ever present, and those who walk among us, tangible to the touch in the form of friends, family, and even kind strangers.

I‘m forever thankful for my own top angels- I believe you know who you are 😇😇😇.

My favorite earthly angel just so happens to be my husband, my best, most honest teacher, my most respected human; my best friend, ‘Scotland,’ who also happens to have a very cute butt 🤷‍♀️.

Here’s to EarthAngel Scott and to all of our other earthly angels who shine light on what’s True and bring out the best in us all. Even when they mess up, they do it with grace and teach us great lessons about humility and compassion.

Angels come in all forms, so be sure to keep your eyes and your hearts open for more miracles today.

Happy Angel Spotting & Happy Healing! 🙏🏼😇❤️


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