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I won’t pretend that it’s all easy and I don’t overthink and doubt myself, but something has clicked recently, and the message I’m getting is that I’ve finally ‘woken up.’

Ha! As I write this, I see the time now is 1:11- another sign from my angels. 😇😇😇

I’ve been receiving a lot of those lately... a LOT! And even when I feel crummy, whooped, overthinking, etc... I know in my heart of hearts that angels, guides & masters surround me, loving me unconditionally and ensuring that I’m safe and okay. They are urging me on to share their messages and I’m happy to oblige.

We only have this one life in these bodies, and we have to decide what we want to make of it. Our destinies are planned out to a degree, but it’s up to us to take the gifts we’ve been given and make the most of them.

“Everyone has their purpose..”

Everyone has their purpose: everyone is important, and I mean everyone!

If you’re feeling lost or like you don’t know what the heck you’re doing here, take comfort in knowing that your purpose will reveal itself and actually, it’s happening right now. There are divine beings all around and within you, nudging you along.

As a blessed vessel, it is my job to inform you of your power here on earth. Although it may seem small, you have the power to make an impact and guide others towards peace and unity.

What do you love? What makes you feel most alive? Those are your passions and your gifts to humanity, so don’t brush them off as unimportant. Your passion raises your vibration and that is good for the collective conscience. We need you!

Ego is a trickier matter. I speak of it often, and here, I’ll just say this: our egos are ONLY that set of beliefs we made up in childhood and throughout our lives based on our experiences and our circumstance. As humans, our egos manage to run the show, often telling us lies and keeping us small.

The fact is, we can be anything we want to be, go anywhere we want to go, and impact this world beyond our wildest imagination.

Even when we are happy at our core, our ego often tells us that we are incomplete and need more, more, more... More money, more stuff, more vacations... but if we strip ourselves of these egoic layers and just sit with ourselves as we are, we begin to notice that we‘re just fine sans all the extras.

We might have been told we are ‘X, Y & Z’ as a child and it might‘ve carried into our adult conscious & subconscious, but we can choose not to believe any of it. Because once we strip away those lying layers of ‘not good enough,’ we realize that we have the power of choice. I’m choosing the power of love and peace and authenticity. I choose to love myself exactly as I am in this moment; This is the only one there is.

“I choose truth..”

I choose to speak my truth and not shy away from the hard stuff, but to use it towards the highest good.

I choose to turn my pain into purpose and to acknowledge my humanly flaws while not dwelling on them. If I were exactly like everyone else, what a boring experience this would be!

I choose who I spend my time with and I choose my environment. I choose my thoughts because they become my reality.

It can take some patience and practice, but we have the power to choose.

In a way I was lucky to have been forced to see the Truth as I healed the trauma. I’ll never take my freedom for granted.

Sleep, fresh food and water, peace... these are seemingly concrete things in our human experience, but they’re things that I could not rely on for months or years at a time due to my sick spirit and therefore sick body.

Ego really is a funny thing, though, because it begs us to notice lack. It is never satisfied and once a dire issue is resolved, it immediately pops up with yet another.

Today I choose to say EFF YOU, ego!!!

Today I choose to follow my heart which is free from lies. My heart knows only the Truth, which is love & light from which I came. We are all love.

Today, Day 15 of 31 Days of Gratitude: I’m thankful for intuition and the choice to see things how I want to. I’m thankful to finally be awake. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

Have a beautiful day & remember to be kind, always, especially to yourself. ❤️❤️❤️

**Feel free to share, always!**

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